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3 Points To Take Into Account During Your Research For Software


But, in this context, how to properly select the software like in Smokeball for example for your law firm

Define The Objectives And Software Needs For Your Law Firm

Running a law firm with estate planning legal software is no small feat. The lawyer can quickly find himself overwhelmed between client emails, invoices, hearings, or files. It is no longer enough to have clients run the practice; it is also necessary to organize, note and digitize as much as possible. Before you begin your search, defining the firm’s goals is the first step. Be careful, and try to limit them so that they are attainable. They can be of any kind:

  • Controlled organization
  • Time-saving
  • More security
  • Quick billing
  • More effective measurement of practice performance
  • Real-time case management
  • Mobility of your workspace

Total Digitization Of The Practice

Once the objectives have been set, it is essential to write them down to refer to them when choosing the ERP functionalities.  

Determine how to choose the right software for your law firm through the choice of features 

Currently, there are a large number of possible functionalities and modules to integrate into your ERP. To enable you to target them as well as possible, don’t forget to prioritize them according to the objectives raised beforehand. If you consider that your objective is to save time, you should therefore focus on these features:

Convergence of information systems to bring together in a single tool all the needs of your firm, whether it is file management, invoicing, HR, customer relations, etc. 

Practical document management: work together on the document, share it securely, and facilitate document production – Traceability thanks to the centralization of emails, faxes, and messages with automatic recording of each of your exchanges to guarantee real follow-up

Creation of standard document templates (emails, invoices, etc.)

Connection to E-bar while remaining on the software

Customer area made available via an extranet with access to appointments and invoices

Workspace mobility can also be your main goal, in which case, focus your attention on these points:

Secure cloud storage with unlimited access to IT service through the internet

Accessibility of ERP anywhere, on any medium, and at any time 

Telephony is accessible via teams in audio or video call to facilitate collaborative work

At the same time, if you need to measure practice performance effectively, then these modules are important:

  • Time tracking to measure each action and control invoicing perfectly
  • Reports and management tools for the firm thanks to Power BI
  • Invoicing methods adapted to the firm’s practices
  • Emailing and satisfaction form for commercial purposes

As you have understood, your objectives will therefore represent the basis of your research and will allow you to know how to choose the right software for your law firm!