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Can technology play a role in reducing the chances of an accident?

We are aware of the fact that technology has gradually become an inseparable part of our daily life. There aren’t many who can claim that they can spend a day without seeking the help of any kind of technology. We need technology to stay in touch with friends and families and also while driving. 

However, fidgeting with different types of technological gadgets while driving, particularly a smartphone can have a hazardous impact on your life. According to a personal injury attorney in the US, there are increasingly large numbers of wrongful deaths caused due to driver errors. Here are a few ways of preventing car accidents with technology. 

  • Automatic Emergency Braking System

There are two types of technologies that fall into the category of the automatic emergency braking system and both have been designed to help with preventing injuries due to rear-end accidents. Crash Imminent Braking detects whenever there is a chance of an impending crash with another car. The technology will slow down or stop the vehicle even though the driver hasn’t taken any control. 

  • Lane Departure warnings

Thanks to the use of cameras that this new piece of technology can keep a track of your vehicle’s position within lane markings. With lane departure warnings, the driver will receive a warning from the vehicle in case it starts to drift even though the turn signal is on. This is one of the best ways of making a driver focus on the road. This is also a great way of avoiding a sideswipe accident.

  • Backup cameras

Backup cameras are also called rearview video systems and they have been designed to prevent crashes that occur whenever the driver is backing up. Such accidents involve a pedestrian or a bicyclist getting stuck by a car that is pulling out of a parking lot or driveway. This camera turns on whenever the vehicle is backing up and will let the driver see the area behind the vehicle. In fact, backup cameras are such useful gadgets that they have become mandatory in all new cars manufactured after May 2018. 

  • Forward Collision Systems

Driver distraction is certainly one of the primary causes of car accidents. A few of the causes of driver distraction include texting while driving, adjusting radio controls, speaking on the phone, or talking with passengers. Any of these behaviors might lead to rear-end crashes and forward collision systems that are available on several vehicles to compute the distance between your car and the car in front. Whenever the vehicles get close, the system will reduce the speed of the car automatically to prevent a crash. 

  • Blind spot detection

There are several drivers who don’t monitor or keep a watch over the location of other vehicles before altering lanes. This increases the likelihood of accidents. But drivers who even check their rear-view mirror might still be at risk due to blind spots. This is why you can install a blind-spot detection system that will give you an audible warning and have a light on the side-view mirrors that turn on whenever there is another vehicle present nearby. 

  • Cross-traffic alert system

There are some car manufacturers that nowadays include a cross-traffic alert system with backup cameras or provide the option to buyers to add these features when they buy a car. This system sends an audible warning whenever it detects a pedestrian or another vehicle from the rear end or sides of the vehicle when the car is in reverse. The lights located in the side-view mirrors might flash to indicate the direction from which the other car was approaching. 

  • Driver monitoring system

Technology developers utilize algorithms to supervise drivers and computers to analyze details to detect whenever the driver falls asleep while driving. This system will alert all drivers and make them focus on the road again. The driver monitoring system is not installed by the car manufacturers but they have to be installed separately by the car owner. 

  • Rear crash-imminent braking

Rear-crash imminent braking works along with a cross-traffic alert system. Whenever the system detects the risk of a collision, it will automatically apply brakes to avoid the chance of a crash. 

  • Autonomous cruise control

With the help of this kind of Technology called autonomous cruise control, allows the driver to set a definite speed and let the vehicle automatically maintain that speed. Autonomous cruise control brings forth this new measure of safety by monitoring the vehicle automatically and maintaining a safe distance between the vehicle in front of it.  This is done by slowing down the equipped vehicle to avoid letting it get too close to the rear end of another vehicle. 

So, now that you’re aware of the ways in which you can avoid road accidents in the US, you should try to incorporate these gadgets in your vehicle. Apart from that, practice safe driving and defensive driving techniques as this is the only way of staying alert while driving.