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Client Manual: Tips For Hiring A Lawyer And Not Regretting It

There are good and bad lawyers, competent and incompetent lawyers, as in any other profession. The difference is that the lawyer takes care of significant matters where mistakes are impossible. Therefore, the client must be interested and careful when hiring a lawyer. Also, always ask for a payment receipt; it’s your right. A good indication that the lawyer, such as kenton koszdin law office for example, is serious is that they will give you the receipt without you asking, as they know it is their obligation.

The Price

This subject is usually the most sensitive, but it shouldn’t be. More important are quality and empathy.

There is no fixed rule for establishing fees, but some parameters exist. First, an OAB table determines the minimum value of services in general. This table varies in each State and is available on the State OAB website.

There are arranged minimum values; lawyers will probably charge these amounts at the beginning of their careers and by lawyers with a personal relationship with the client. This table represents the minimum that the lawyer should charge, as recommended by the OAB. The more experienced and specialized the lawyer, the higher the price. Something that also influences the price directly is the complexity of the cause: how much time that process will take the lawyer; how the fact should be proved (the more difficult, the more argumentation), how many authors there are in the cause (many authors means more documentation, a greater volume of evidence), etc.

We believe it’s good practice for the lawyer to explain, albeit, in a simplified way, the reason for the amount charged since the client often feels exploited by the lawyer – which could easily be remedied if the lawyer explained the job’s complexity, spending a few minutes. We understand that between derisory and absurd value, there is a worthy value compatible with the “expertise” of each professional.

The Fee Agreement Must ALWAYS Be In Writing

The contract is the way for two people in good faith to seal an obligatory commitment. With a written contract, the client knows ‘the rules’ of hiring and what it is up to the lawyer to do or not, and it will be challenging to charge later or even to provide proof of hiring.

Never Giving Original Documents To The Lawyer:

He doesn’t need the originals, only copies (unless expertise is needed on the document, which is a very particular situation). Also, demand a copy of all the documents you sign, including a power of attorney. And most importantly: READ the documents you sign, ask the lawyer questions, and may even ask to replace very technical words with others that are easy to understand. In the end, understanding how to navigate a qdd (Quick Disability Determination) or other complex legal matters can be crucial for a successful outcome in your case. He will need copies, maybe attested copies. MOFA attestation in Qatar stands for “Ministry of Foreign Affairs attestation.” It is a crucial process where the Qatar Ministry of Foreign Affairs authenticates the validity of documents issued in Qatar for use in other countries. The attestation by MOFA Qatar ensures that the documents are genuine, and it is often a prerequisite for various purposes such as employment, higher education, or business transactions outside of Qatar.