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Do you have to disclose you’re financials, and what is spousal support?

Here we will discuss whether you have to disclose all your financial details to the judge while taking a divorce. Also, we will discuss what is known as spousal support and can you take a divorce if your spouse is nowhere to be found.

Do you have to disclose all your financials during a divorce?

Yes, you will have to disclose your financial status to the judge while taking a divorce. This means that you will have to tell the judge about the assets and the liabilities that you are under. The rules for disclosing such information vary from state to state and also countries. If your court has ordered you to disclose everything, then you will have to tell them correctly.

If you hide any kind of details about your finances and other things, then the court takes it up as a serious matter. They can impose a penalty on you, and some of them might even imprison you for hiding the truth. According to the assets that you are having, the judge will decide if there should be a change in terms or not. If one of the spouses has a lot of marital property and assets, then they will have to divide it between themselves.

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Can you take divorce if you don’t know where your spouse lives?

Yes, it is possible to take a divorce if you cannot find out where your spouse lives. This kind of divorce is known as default divorce, and each state has its procedure for dissolution. If you cannot locate your spouse, then the court gives you a specific time to find them, and they will even help you.

Another thing is that the court will issue a notice to be printed in newspapers and even a poster to be stuck near the spouse’s location. The person who locates and gives information about the spouse is awarded by the court. Before doing such things, you will have to create affidavits to notify your spouse and their family members.

If their family members respond to the affidavit and tell the spouse is missing, then there is only one option. If you don’t know anything, then you can even hire a divorce lawyer that may help you with such cases.

What is spousal support?

This is the support system that looks after each spouse and checks after their earning and their health conditions. Then accordingly, it will tell the spouses to create a monthly payment scheme for the other spouse. This is a necessary step to do if one of the spouses is not an earning member and has to support their family.

Child support is also there, which will help the spouse in charge of the child to keep up with their expenses. In this, the other spouse will have to make monthly payments to the other person to meet the expense requirement of the child.