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Is Cheating A Ground For Divorce In Singapore? Here’s What You Must Know

Marriage is a heavy commitment that requires trust and respect. In Singapore, a divorce process typically happens because of infidelity. Under section 95, provision 3(a) of the Women’s Charter, divorce can be filed when the defendant has committed adultery, and the plaintiff can’t live with the defendant anymore.

To prove that adultery took place, here are four circumstances acceptable in the High Court.

  • Sexual intercourse must happen
It may be difficult for you to gather evidence for this matter, so it would be best to hire the best divorce lawyer in Singaporeand a Private Investigator (PI). Your lawyer would be able to process your divorce papers, while the latter can gather substantial pieces of evidence for your party. Photographs of intimate poses in public or going to a hotel is adequate evidence in High Court.
  • Proof that the plaintiff can no longer live with the spouse
If by any chance you lack sufficient substantial evidence, unreasonable behaviour is also deemed accepted for a divorce procedure in Singapore. You may need a psychiatrist assessment to prove that living with your spouse is not helpful for your physical and mental health.
  • Must be filed within six (6) months
In Singapore, a divorce process will only push through within the six-month period from the discovery of adultery. If it goes longer for more than six months without commencing divorce proceedings, then you can no longer use adultery for divorce.
  • Must be married at least three (3) years
Your marriage must exceed three years for you to be able to file a divorce. If you want to file a divorce within the first few months, you may consult your divorce lawyer for advice. Aside from the stressful and time-consuming divorce procedure in Singapore, you also have to set aside lawyer fees for divorce.Filing a divorce will be extra challenging which is why you must get a divorce lawyer to help you with everything. Divorce in Singapore cost pretty expensive as the entire process takes too much time and paper. For packages and deals on case handling, you may contact Lie Chin Chin.