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Potential Mistakes In Employment Visa Applications 

Getting a job can be difficult, especially when you are trying to get one outside of your own country. In order to get hired by an American company, you must possess the right skills and qualifications. If you have already been accepted by a company, your work does not end there. You need to move to the US to officially start working. 

The process to move to the US on an employment visa can be challenging. Because the laws are so complex, you need the assistance of an attorney to understand the procedure and also to avoid some common mistakes. Click here to learn more

Potential mistakes in employment visa applications 

  • Entering incorrect personal data. 

Believe it or not, mistakes with personal data are the most common error. A lot of applicants make silly mistakes while filling the forms, such as entering name spellings, birth dates, or passport numbers wrong. 

That is why it is so important to double check every piece of information before making the final submission. If the agent cannot establish your identity due to wrong information, it leaves a bad impression. This may make them question whether you are even deserving of the visa or not. 

  • Lying. 

Not being truthful about your job can cause an absolute massacre. If you are hoping to get into the US by faking employment, it is a bad idea. The process involves many parts where your little white lie could get caught and you could even get blacklisted. Getting blacklisted will prevent you from visiting the US for your entire life or a certain period of time. 

Additionally, what you consider to be the truth may be different from what the immigration office considers the truth. This is why it is important to hire an attorney to prevent issues like this. 

  • Providing incorrect documentation. 

Aside from filling out the form with accurate and truthful information, it is crucial to provide adequate documentation. Documentation proves that all the information you have filled in the forms for your visa application is true and authentic. 

One of the common mistakes include submitting a photocopy when the original one is needed. Another one is submitting old photographs instead of a recent one. These mistakes give the impression that you are not serious about the visa since you do not know the process well. 

  • Being unorganized. 

Nothing ruins your visa application like being unorganized. Remembering deadlines, preparing documents, filling out the correct forms and meeting the right people on the specified dates is crucial. When you want to move to the USA, you cannot give the minimum effort and expect good results, not at least without an attorney.