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When someone gets charged with a crime, they most likely get into a panic mood and have no idea where to turn. Many people immediately turn to Google when in this scenario to find a local criminal defense attorney. Your company can provide knowledgeable, skilled legal counsel and direction, but connecting the dots is the challenging part. So, let’s check out how to get criminal defense clients.

Consider organic

Keep in mind that people seeking criminal defense services frequently click on organic results first. Finding important and educational information on your firm’s website will improve your rankings and establish a connection with possible clients. Clients seeking legal guidance in the criminal sector are also seeking assurances. Because criminal accusations are personal, clients of criminal defense firms don’t require trendy temptations; instead, they seek out accurate information that speaks to them directly.

Total Google Ads

You need to start working with Google now that Google Ads are a need rather than a choice. Google Ads are there waiting for your potential clients when they search for legal advice regarding criminal defense. Google’s pay-per-click advertising platform, AdWords, enables you to place bids on keywords that convert into written soundbites that capture the spirit of your business.

AdWords is designed with the flexibility to let you turn it on and off as you see fit. Even while optimizing an Ads campaign requires work, finding your rhythm can help you connect with customers while also raising your ranks in the organic results.

Remember the Rank and File

Your Google Maps ranking is important. Your clients who are in need of criminal defense counsel right now are usually not interested in digging deep to locate it. This is when your local Google Maps listing comes into play. Your Google Maps listing outranks even your organic status in terms of local traffic, which is impressive.

Customer reviews really get going at this point. Having a high number of favorable customer reviews boosts your listing’s ranking and appeals to new customers, which makes sense. It is simple to understand what a client in a criminal defense case may find valuable in such services because these reviews are essentially word-of-mouth promotion on a larger scale.

Be Honest

Your website should educate, not bombard. You help yourself by tapping in because, for better or worse, today’s consumers have attention spans that are limited to a few bullet points. You want to offer a clear, aesthetically pleasing, intuitively laid out online place that involves little searching and delivers maximum results, and it’s easier than you might think. You’ll be able to engage with and persuade potential criminal defense clients if your content is sparse while providing access to more comprehensive solutions.

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