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What Are the Common Causes of Death at The Construction Sites in Rochester?

Some thousands of workers are dying every year at construction sites across the world. Some people suffer from serious injuries, while some become disabled completely. Most construction site workers are prone to neck and back injuries, and they can last for weeks and months, sometimes even for years. People lifting heavy weights and those who handle heavy machinery are at risk of neck and back injuries at the construction sites.

It is critical to contact a medical professional and a lawyer immediately if you are hurt while conducting work-related activities. Early diagnosis is critical for determining the extent of the damage. When you contact a lawyer, he or she will be able to let you know up to how much amount you can claim from your employer or third party approximately, looking at the severity of your injuries. Hire the construction accident attorneys in Rochester, from Powers & Santola for quick assistance. 

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Common Causes of Death at Construction Sites

  • Electrocution: Electrocution is responsible for around 10% to 15% of the construction site deaths. Exposed wires and poor wiring are some of the causes of electrocution deaths at the construction sites. Workers should be careful and wear necessary protective wear when dealing with electricity work at the construction sites. 
  • Falls: Falling from elevated sites and falling from unsafe ladders and scaffolding contributes around 40% of the construction site deaths. It is the responsibility of the construction companies to provide safe working tools to their employees or workers. But many fail to do this, which is why the number of death cases is rising in number in Rochester.
  • Entrapment: Getting trapped between the objects at the construction site is also one of the common causes of death. Getting stuck behind the construction site machinery or under a heavy load of construction material can also cause death. Workers should be really careful when working on a construction site, especially when heavy machinery is around. 

If you have lost your loved ones while working on the construction site in Rochester, you may be entitled to monetary compensation. The family of the victim can file a lawsuit against the third party or employer by taking the help of a lawyer. This helps them claim full compensation for the loss which took place in their family.