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What Kind Of Cases Does A Sex Crime Lawyer Handle?

A sex crime lawyer like Michigan criminal sexual conduct lawyer mainly represents some clients with illegal or coerced sexual conduct. The defendants are most likely to go through severe penalties, including lifetime prison and massive fines if convicted. At times they also need to register as a sex offender. Therefore, mounting a defense is quite critical as such a conviction can follow your life long. All you need to do is learn about the various types of sex crime lawyers and how can they help you in your case.

Some Of The Standard Charges A Sex Crime Lawyer Is Likely To Defend

Ideally, a sex crime lawyer handles different cases like rape, sexual assault, internet sex crimes, child molestation besides human trafficking. The lawyers can help you understand the evidence and create one defense strategy. It can also include petitioning to get some charges dropped or coming up with a plea deal. At times you need to head to the court to defend some charges.

·       Rape

Experts classify forcible rape as a felony, and when one is convicted, they are likely to serve at least five years of their life in prison. If the victim is injured physically or the offender uses a weapon during the act, then they need to stay in jail for at least 15 years. The minimum sentence will be increased to not less than 30 years if the defendant is likely to be convicted of forceable rape of a child who isn’t 12 years old.

·       Sexual Assault

It is also a felony as sexual assault mainly includes any wrong thing like touching without permission. People need to spend at least seven years in jail if they are convicted of the crime of sexual assault. At times, lawyers can help in negotiating to reduce the conviction charges.

·       Child Molestation

Child molestation is all about lewd and lascivious touching. It mainly depends on the situation as it is termed as a felony. Currently, the state has increased the felony for child molestation to seven years from four years. Besides the felony, the convicted also needs to pay a considerable fine.

·       Human Trafficking

It is way different from other sex crimes as there are people who are engaged in sex crimes, but in human trafficking, people tend to be a part of a vast conspiracy which often leads to being convicted or charged.