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All about paying for service when the car is under warranty

If you are wondering that, “If my car is under warranty, do I have to pay for a service?” the answer is NO. When a car is under warranty period, there is no need to pay for its servicing. Every car owner is entitled to ask for free servicing if their car is under warranty. It is illegal in most cases to charge fees for maintenance of a car unless the vehicle has lost its warranty.

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How to deal with a car dealer who does not do free servicing?

When your car dealer does not provide free servicing for your car, even if it is under the warranty period, it is a terrible situation. In this case, you can do any of the following things given below:

1) Get your car serviced under another dealer

You can easily get your car serviced by another dealer if this is your situation. If your car is still under warranty, they will do it for free, and you do not need to sweat about unnecessarily spending money.

2) Complain to state officials

One more thing you can do is complain to your state officials. You have the legal right to get your car serviced for free when it’s under the warranty period. Complaining to your state’s official may resolve your issue in hand.

3) Take the help of a lawyer

Sometimes, consulting with and taking the help of professional works best. Lawyers will help you in making the best decision in this matter. If you want to take legal action against your car dealership, the process might be complicated. But a lawyer or a legal organization can help you with the whole procedure, and you would feel grateful to them in the end.

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Will any dealer service my car if it’s under warranty?

If you are thinking that, “if my car is under warranty can I take it to any dealership?” keep on reading. You do not need to go to the same dealer to service your car for free if it is still under the warranty period. If you show them the relevant documents, any car dealer will be happy to do the service for free.

Showing the warranty of your car is enough for them to service your car free of charge. If they do not agree to do this, it is illegal and you are entitled to take strict measures against them.

A car dealer not servicing cars under warranty defeats the purpose of a warranty. So, it does not matter which dealer you go to. Their duty is to repair your car for free. Still, you are thinking, “If my car is under warranty can I take it to any dealership?” the answer is yes.

If you are wondering that, “If my car is under warranty do I have to pay for a service?” then the answer is NO. There is no one need to pay for the maintenance of their car if they are still under warranty. Car dealerships saying otherwise are not right, and people have every right to take action against them.

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