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I Was Hit by a Drunk Driver -How to Maximize My Settlement?

Car accidents are one of the common causes why people land in emergency rooms. However, one of the worst situations is getting hit by a drunk driver. Clearly, the accident happened due to someone else’s breaking the rules, making you eligible for compensation. As easy as it may sound, getting a fair settlement can be a challenging process. 

The insurance company will put their best to try to blame you (even partially) for the accident. For example, the company may say that you were driving in the wrong lane even though the driver was drunk. Putting you at partial fault will minimize your settlement. With the guidance of a Tucson auto accident attorney, you will be able to combat the insurance adjusters and gain a maximum settlement. 

Factors that will affect your drunk driving settlement amount. 

The insurance company, just like other accidents, will consider multiple factors before rolling their first settlement offer. After you provide the evidence to support your claim, the company will investigate the fault. Below are a few factors that the company will consider for your settlement amount: 

  • The severity of your physical injuries. 
  • Property damage. 
  • Insurance coverage amount. 
  • Permanent injuries. 
  • Affect of your physical injuries on your source of income and other living. 
  • Overall losses due to accident. 

What is the average settlement offer when a drunk driver hits you?

It is unlikely to predict your average settlement amount. The prime reason is that each accident case is different, and as mentioned above, there are multiple factors that the insurance company will consider to give you a settlement. For example, many people receive $25,000 for their damages, while some receive millions. Every victim will suffer from different losses, and relying on an average amount without an attorney can harm your claim. 

Get legal representation for maximizing your settlement. 

Many insurance companies take advantage of victims who fight for their cases without an attorney. When you reject their settlement offer, you will likely fight for your claim in the courtroom. During the trial, defending yourself without legal representation can be challenging. Therefore, it is vital to have a presence of an experienced car accident attorney in Tucson who will review your case thoroughly, decide the right amount for your losses, and negotiate with the company for the deserving compensation. 

Contact a lawyer to get the maximum settlement from your drunk driving accident as soon as you get into an accident.