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How Can A Michigan Defence Attorney Dismiss Criminal Charges Against You?

The ones who have faced criminal charges in their life knows how devastating and harassing it can be. Once you are convicted, you do not only start to bother about the penalties, but you also become quite worried about the future that lies ahead of you. You are constantly thinking of how to come out of the mess quickly. In such cases, a Michigan defense attorney can help dismiss your criminal charges relatively swiftly and professionally as well.

No Probably Cause

For the police authorities to determine that you have done a crime or to arrest you legally, they must have a probable reason. And a possible cause isn’t solely confined to having nothing more than suspicious feelings against you but includes objective facts. Only then can the police conclude that you are involved in a criminal deed.

No Proper Evidence

The prosecutor is required to produce sufficient evidence that shows you are guilty after you are arrested. Until and unless the prosecutor can convince the respective jury that is good evidence that proves that you are guilty of the crime, every charge put against you shall stay on hold or pending. The payments made against you can be dismissed if the grand jury doesn’t deem the evidence fit or doesn’t find them supporting the probable cause.

Illegal Search By The Police

Police will only have the authority to search you, your property, or even your car only under certain circumstances. The police don’t have the rice to search you based on your religion, community, gender, race, or the mere suspicious belief that you are involved in the crime. The law enforcement officers having probable cause might request a search warrant from the judge. Police cannot search your home without a contract until, of course, in exceptional situations. Your charges can be dismissed if any obtained evidence can prove the illegal search.

Prosecution Discretion

You would be surprised to learn that the prosecuting attorneys can dismiss any charges. A Michigan defense attorney can request the dismissal of the tasks set up against you by the prosecutor. The prosecutors are more likely to go for charge dismissal if:

The Costs Aren’t Severe If You Have A Clean Record

The prosecutor can refine your original criminal charges if you are arrested and put to jail within one year of being charged.

You no longer need to spend your days thinking about what destiny holds for you. Your Michigan defense attorney will take care of your criminal charges and dismiss them or even reduce them based on the case, hence getting you out of the mess.