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Signs you need a wrongful termination lawyer- San Antonio

In America, surviving this pandemic for some families was hard. Losing jobs were a common sight at the peak of the pandemic. Unemployment is devastating, and what’s more painful is that it is because of wrongful termination. If you were fired for an unlawful reason or without justifiable cause, you have a claim against the former employer. Since legal proceedings are complex and challenging, consulting a San Antonio wrongful death lawyer can help.

Signs you need a wrongful termination lawyer for your case:


Many employees in the United States are hired at will. At-will employment is when an employer can legally fire his employee without giving any reason. However, not all at-will employees can be fired for unlawful reasons unless their contract says otherwise.

Unlawful Discrimination: 

Employment laws are stringent when it comes to discrimination. You should hire a lawyer if you are discontinued from your work due to your race, color, gender, etc. Since employers will not admit their discrimination towards you, so, proving discrimination is not can be difficult for you. That is when you need an attorney to dig all the evidence against your employer.

Evidence of Retaliation:

Retaliation is the most common cause for wrongful termination of an employee. It happens when an employee blows a whistle on a peer or a superior for their unethical acts. The management may punish you because your views don’t favor them. The acts may include sexual harassment, misuse of funds, fraud, etc. It is important to note, even if the reported activity was not illegal, the employee making the report is still protected as long as they made it in good faith.

Violation of Employment contract:

Employees are typically employed on a contract, which entails all the provisions wherein the employee can fire them. However, if an employee is fired for a reason not mentioned in the contract(it should be written), it violates the employment contract. 

Broken promises: 

There are times when an employer promises things to his employee but fails to comply. This includes better working conditions or payments. If you are terminated because you asked for what the employer promised you, you should contact an attorney; he will evaluate your case. Also, because you were not terminated because of your quality of work but a new employee, chances are the new employee might have lesser experience; it can be valid proof to your case.

Replaced with a lower pay scale employee:

Again, this is a case in which it is difficult to prove that you were terminated because your employer wanted to save money. However, if you believe you were terminated because a small pay-check employee replaced you, you can file a wrongful termination case.