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What Causes Motorcycle Accidents in Denver?

Motorcycles are usually low-profile and blend in easily with other vehicles. However, they’re not exempt from the accidents that take place on the road. According to statistics, thousands of motorcyclists are injured in vehicle collisions. You might be wondering why there are so many motorcycle accidents; many people are wondering too. One top reason could be the high number of motorcycles on the road. However, there are a host of other things that cause motorcycle accidents in Denver. It explains why riders need an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer phoenix az to help them work through the damages. Below are the varying causes of motorcycle accidents to be aware of.

Vehicles Turning Left

One of the most common reasons a motorcycle accident occurs and a motorcycle accident attorney happens is if a vehicle turns left. When a car turns left in an intersection, it sometimes enters into a motorcyclist’s path. This action is one of the things that can cause motorcycle accidents. Things like distraction, blind spots, inattention, and even sun can cause a driver to lose sight of an approaching motorcycle.

Cars Changing Lanes

Another reason for motorcycle accidents is because a driver might suddenly enter the lane of a biker. When other vehicles obscure a motorcycle, they find it easy to fit into blind spots. However, drivers look out for cars and not a vehicle, which could lead to an accident. It is hazardous if the car is at high speed. In such a case, a motorcycle accident attorney las vegas nv ensures you get the compensation you deserve.

Rear End

Another common cause of motorcycle accidents is if a driver doesn’t see a motorcycle that stopped at an intersection. In such cases, there’s a rear-end collision, and it often results in a fatal effect for the motorcyclist. Fender benders for car drivers aren’t so dangerous. However, when it concerns a motorcyclist, it could be hazardous. In such a case, you should always call a motorcycle accident attorney for help.

Drunk Driving

A common cause of road accidents generally is drunk driving. Drunk drivers are not just dangerous to themselves but also to anyone on the road. They are especially dangerous to motorcyclists because they could find it hard to see motorcyclists on the road when under the influence. Drunk drivers could find it hard to stop and end up plowing into motorcyclists at high speed. Such an accident causes catastrophic injuries for bikers.