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Four Things You Can Do to Protect Your Rights After a Manhattan, KS Truck Accident

Have you sustained injuries in a truck accident in Manhattan that wasn’t your fault? If so, you probably know who caused the crash or how it happened. But you should remember that you will need solid evidence to win a case against the negligent party. It is not enough to give your side of the story to convince the insurance company or a judge to award you compensatory damages. Although your Manhattan, KS Truck Accident Attorney can handle most of the related tasks and compile necessary evidence, there are things you can do to protect your rights. These include the following:

Get the Information of the Truck Driver

After a truck accident, make sure you get the information of the trucker who hit you. This includes their full name, contact number, the trucking company they work for, insurance provider, driver’s license number, and license plate number. Your truck accident attorney will use such information when investigating the crash and file an injury claim for you against the trucker and their employer. 

Visit a Doctor

After a truck accident, you probably sustained serious injuries that may or may not be immediately obvious. Thus, ensure you see a doctor and get appropriate treatment. Commercial trucks are huge and heavy, so they can do significant damage when they hit your vehicle even at slow speeds. When you don’t seek immediate medical attention, the insurance provider may claim that your condition has worsened because you failed to go to the hospital.

Collect Evidence at the Scene

If you are physically able to, consider taking photos or videos of the accident scene including damages to your vehicle, the positions of the vehicles, skid marks, your injuries, road conditions, and others. Accidents can get cleaned up quickly and it can be hard to prove environmental factors such as the weather after the crash. 

Lawyer Up

To win a truck accident case against a trucking company, you will go through complex and time-consuming processes. It requires you to understand the law, legal precedent, and trucking regulations. Also, you need to have access to resources to collect and compile evidence as well as the skills to negotiate with insurers. These are requirements you may not be able to meet, especially while you deal with your injuries. You should concentrate on recovering from your condition, so you should let a reliable truck accident lawyer fight the legal battle on your behalf.